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Product Spotlight
  • Available from BOXX Technologies Inc.

    BOXX specializes in providing best of class graphics workstations designed to accelerate your CAD design or visual effects workflow. Solutions range from the ultra-compact APEXX 1, to the world's most advanced desktop workstation, the APEXX 5. Read More
  • Available from MotionPort

    Consulting services supplement software as needed to bring simulation technology to your organization. Key Benefits -Get initial results faster. -Establish best modeling practices. -Reinforce general training. Simulation and Engineering... Read More
  • Available from Resolved Analytics

    Humans understand and retain information better when it is presented visually. The importance of conveying information in succinct and visual ways is increasingly important in a world drowning in data. Patterns, insights and complex inter-connectivities that would otherwise go unnoticed become... Read More
Top Companies
  • COMSOL is a global provider of simulation software for product design and research to technical enterprises, research labs, and universities. Its COMSOL Multiphysics® product is an integrated software environment for creating physics-based models and simulation apps. Simulation experts rely on... Read More
  • Every day, our customers find simpler, smarter approaches to stubborn design problems – and greater confidence to confront towering human and technological challenges. Less hindered by the usual constraints, they can imagine, design, iterate and replicate more freely than ever before. By... Read More
  • Engineering simulation is our sole focus. For more than 45 years, we have consistently advanced this technology to meet evolving customer needs. Read More