How to Securely Record Measurement Data: PC-Based or Stand-alone?

A free white paper by CAS DataLoggers

How to Securely Record Measurement Data is a very common question asked when deciding a PC-Based or Stand-alone DAQ System. Continuous, secure data acquisition system is possible both with a PC-based system or a stand-alone independent system. Which system you choose depends not only on your application but also on your infrastructure and available budget. In some applications, data acquisition requires a high level of measurement data security. Experiments are often time-consuming, expensive and, in many cases, can only be repeated at the immense effort. It is therefore essential that the measurement system functions reliably and data is recorded securely to ensure a continuous measurement data stream. Such criteria are fulfilled by both PC-based as well as stand-alone data loggers. However, there are limitations when using PC-based systems.

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