White Papers for Technology for Optimal Engineering Design

  • CAD software helps championship stallion breeder manage the farmBy

    Arrowfield Stud and its stallions have been at the forefront of Australian thoroughbred history for more than 100 years. The property is over 2200 acres in size and has continued to grow in size. In 1989 Arrowfield made one of the single most important purchases in Australian bloodstock...
  • Reverse Engineering File FormatsBy

    Reverse engineering using scan data involves collecting scan data and using it to create computer-aided design (CAD) data. There are several outputs for reverse engineering when using scan data. This white paper explains the differences and benefits/deficiencies of those outputs.
  • Deployment of Critical Spreadsheets as Web ApplicationsBy

    Zurich uses EASA to deploy critical rating and pricing spreadsheets as web applications. The spreadsheets themselves are safely located on secure servers on-premises rather than end-users’ machines, thus protecting critical intellectual property, and ensuring version control.

    There are a number of great enhancements for eDrawings 2019. We want to cover new features in eDrawings standard (the free viewer) as well as graphical performance enhancements, the new ability to view SOLIDWORKS configurations on native files, and an all-new web HTML export in eDrawings...
  • Sewage Lift Stations - Reducing Maintenance CostsBy

    Provide Continuous Monitoring and Reduce Maintenance Costs in Sewage Lift Stations. The Level Transmitter is a small but vital component in a Sewage Lift or Pump Station to maintain system integrity and avoid unwanted spillage.
  • What is a Data Logger?By

    What is a data logger? The generally accepted answer is that a datalogger is an electronic device that autonomously records data from some type of sensor and stores it in local memory with a time and date stamp. Data Loggers are widely used in virtually every industry for a variety of...
  • GPU Computing with Abaqus 2016By

    Every year, significant development effort is put into GPU Acceleration of the Abaqus solver. However, the majority of published benchmarks, only highlights very large dynamics models. In this document, we discuss our findings in terms of performance benefits of GPU computing for a range of...